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A curtain is an evocative object full of contrasts. It makes a space soft and warm while protecting it, recalling the quiet elegance of Farnsworth House designed by Mies Van der Rohe, the floating works of the artist Petra Blaisse, or the magical nature of the theatre. It fills the room while remaining light – permeable yet permanent, sophisticated yet delicate. A curtain is also a sustainable solution because it is all about minimising materials. Why add volume when the wardrobe can be reduced to a minimum? Why design back panels, side panels and doors when the essence of the wardrobe is its supporting system? Novel is a metal frame that can be completed with shelves, closet poles, lighting and accessories. Telon is a curtain that hides it from view and reveals, in certain cases, a cupboard, a work area or multimedia space, or even all these things together. The curtain also has a soundproofing function that helps to limit the spread of sound in a room, preserving the intimacy of the sleeping area. The Novel and Telon system has the same storage capacity as a closed wardrobe but occupies a smaller volume. This means more space in the sleeping area and a 30% reduced space for shipment compared to a traditional system.

A new way of conversing with spaces: spaces that adapt to your personal style, not vice versa. The Personal Spaces collection is the outcome of a study of lifestyles in the contemporary world. It not only merges space and time in the fluidity of a curtain, but also designs multifunctional spaces using furnishings as if they were architectural elements, seeks technological perfection, and skilfully uses materials and finishes to create alchemies with great emotional intensity. Personal Spaces unveils the new identity of MD House, bringing together various, equally effective and outstanding visions of design.