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New md house collections

The md house collection also features a range of accessories, each with their own unique personality and style. The Ginger table with its statuesque lines; the comfortable wraparound, padded Avan seat; the Dam kitchen chest that also adapts perfectly to the night zone; the Origami modular bookshelf; the versatile Rum and Globo coffee tables in various finishes; the Libro armchair with its inviting shape, and the distinctive Opera armchair. In short, a wide range of options and md house products for creating ever-new furniture layouts and moods.

mdhouse-news-avana-zoom1 mdhouse-news-avana-zoom2 mdhouse-news-avana-zoom3 mdhouse-news-dam-zoom1 mdhouse-news-dam-zoom2 mdhouse-news-dam-zoom3 mdhouse-news-ginger-zoom1 mdhouse-news-ginger-zoom2 mdhouse-news-ginger-zoom3 mdhouse-news-ginger-zoom4 mdhouse-news-globo-zoom1 mdhouse-news-globo-zoom2 mdhouse-news-globo-zoom3 mdhouse-news-libro-zoom1 mdhouse-news-libro-zoom2 mdhouse-news-libro-zoom3 mdhouse-news-opera-zoom1 mdhouse-news-opera-zoom2 mdhouse-news-origami-zoom1 mdhouse-news-origami-zoom2 mdhouse-news-origami-zoom3 mdhouse-news-rum-zoom1 mdhouse-news-rum-zoom2 mdhouse-news-rum-zoom3 mdhouse-news-rum-zoom4
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